Sun-Earth Interactions by Wendy Esch

Project:     NASA Heliophysics Teacher-Developed Lessons

Students will gather data and research possible answers to the cause of a series of events. The unusual events are written on a calendar. Discussion and research will lead them to the fact that the Sun was the culprit. Then, students will research how the Sun looks the day the lab is done on various websites (SDO, and then they will use eclipse glasses to go outside and view the Sun. A “Sunspotter solar telescope” can also be used to look at the Sun.

Back in the classroom, students will brainstorm a list of phenomena and events which occur before, during, and after a geomagnetic storm. Students will be reintroduced to what a star is and how its behavior can lead to consequences here on Earth other than light and heat. Students will read, develop questions, and answer them on a current news article about Solar Cycle 25.